Community Development

Wells Economic Development Authority
The Wells Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established to encourage, attract, promote and develop economically sound industry, business and commerce within the city of Wells. The public is invited to attend EDA meetings at 5:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Wells Community Center. 

Wells Housing & Redevelopment Authority 
The Wells Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) was established to provide assistance and advocacy in the development of affordable housing for low and moderate income families and act as a catalyst for the upgrading of the existing housing stock in the city of Wells. The public is invited to attend HRA meetings at 5:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Wells Community Center.

Wells Planning & Zoning Commission

The Wells Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) was established to determine the most appropriate use of land and compatibility of different land uses throughout the city of Wells; promote orderly development of the residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and public areas; prevent overcrowding of land and undue concentration of structures by regulating the bulk, height and density in relation to the land use. The P&Z Commission meets as needed and the public is invited to attend their meetings.

Wells residents & visitors are encouraged to contact City Hall with any questions regarding development in the city of Wells.

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